Quality Systems

Quality Assurance Organization

SINJIN PLASTICS CO.,LTD QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM - 신진 STP, 신진 SPE, 신진 STA, 신진 구매, 시앤디 전자, 신진화학음성공장

Quality Management Goals

  • Management headed toward the world
  • Management of change,
    communication, and harmony
  • Management based on
    technological quality

Quality Principles

  • Compliance with quality assurance process

  • Global quality system adoption

  • Customer trust through quality satisfaction

Quality Goals

  • Quality

    • Changes in quality awareness
    • Applying BIQS activity in daily life
    • Validity checking of manufacturing process
  • Continuous Improvement

    • Execution of quality improvement activities
    • Selection of management items focusing on quality
    • Feedback/feed-forward
  • Customer Trust

    • Prevention of getting non-conforming products
    • Availability checking upon 4M change
    • Basic quality process compliance
  • Claim Reduction

    • Efforts to reduce claim in daily life
    • Establishment of product quality standards
    • Keeping standardized work in daily life

Warranty System

설계 디자인 리뷰, 금형 검토, 유효성 검토, 제품 검토

Quality Certifications

  • BIQS Certification

    • SPPS Severity score: Below 6.75 points
    • Filed Action (recall and campaign) “Zero”
    • Manage to get Quality RRR below 6 within 6 months timeframe
    • Keep improving/practicing BIQS certification continuously after getting 82% certified in 2019
  • SSQ Certification

    • Manage and maintain the records of quality documents through computerization and establish efficient management system
    • Select Q points and control
    • Perform in-house audits and participate in trainings hosted by customers
    • Perform audit on Tier 2 companies once a year (Nurturing Tier 2 companies)
  • SQ certification

    • Randomly inspect to maintain minimum of SQ 600 points and perform a surprise inspection semiannually
    • Establish annual quality nurturing plan for Tier companies(sub-contractors) and host workshops
    • Keep nurturing auditors to train SQ-specialized personnel
    • Strengthen the relationship with customers to comprehend their needs
  • IATF16949

    • Continuously review to improve the necessary process required for quality management system
    • Evaluate customer satisfaction on a regular basis and comprehend the problems
    • Validate the procedures of each departments which are in documentation form and maintain the latest versions
    • Record after comprehend/monitor the process and manufacture capabilities